24 Mei 2014

Nancy Evans Ergeson : read her story plz

FB merupakan media sosial alam maya yang tidak punya sempadan . Kita boleh berhubung secara `online' tanpa batasan jarak  dan masa malah  perbezaan Bahasa, Agama & bahasa tidak menjadi halangan untuk kita berkawan.
Nancy Evans Ergeson adalah seorang `nenek' berusia 60 tahun telah meminta menjadi ahli kepada CANCER SURVIVORS grup di FB dengan harapan untuk berkongsi kisah & pengalaman beliau sebagai seorang cancer survivor.

berikut adalah catatan asal Nancy yg saya ambil dr CS FB Grup:

Back in 2009 they found cancer on my vocal cords. I had lost my voice and blew it off. Raising 3 grandkids I thought this was the problem. Nope, I was sent for surgery and got the news. During my treatment I had no help with the kids. I kept each appointment for Rad.Getting home in time to get the kids off to school and a little nap so I could be moving by the time they came home. I have not made my follow up appointment to have this nasty tube stuffed down me yet. I got a free pass last appointment but now need to do this again. I will toss my cookies on the dr and he knws that.

I did 28 treatments on my vocal cord area. I did very well up to about the20th. Treatment,then I began a slow burn with my skin just falling off. I wore a large facial/breast masks each morning. Four years later I still have a slight mask from the burns. My voice has not returned fully. I will check my files and see if I can find a picture.

I am still moving along, feeling my age as I will turn 60 in a few months! Cancer was a journey I did not expect, I was scared to death on the day I laid on the table and had the mask formed to my body, tears just feel, not knowing the unknown. I had amazing doctors and radiologist working with me. I was caught early is why I did not do any chemo. Not long after I completed treatment my daughter was left to be a young widow because lymphoma took her husband away to watch over us. My mother also made this journey with very early breast cancer, I will say now at the age of 84 she is one rocking great grandma! I love my life, the only thing I wish for is more of a voice back. I am not able to talk for long periods of time, still need to watch what I eat. I don't know the amount of damage the Rad did on the inside since I still can toss my cookies with certain foods.

I have raised my own children one who was born profoundly deaf, and another the model child. Now the grandkids I am raising have several different problems. the oldest has aspergers, the middle child is a Diabetic type 1, and the little guy has behavior problems. I deal with a challenge each and everyday. Taking on Cancer was just another one of them. I take one day at time with life now. My kids are keeping me young. Along with the three kids I am raising I took in my daughter and her two young child when her husband passed away. The ages of the kids today are 4, I really must be crazy to to this but this is the person I am

Tuesday morning I will call and get my check up, need to clear the day since it wipes me out. I have a very line lighted line down my nose into my vocal cords to check things out. I have to take meds to get this check done since I am a puker and will toss my cookies on the dr. No meds = no check. I need to be healthy to take care of the kids. I am happy to say that after all of this ordeal I have gained weight. Not so happy about that but my drs. will be thrilled. They can be damned as I do some exercise each day to maintain. Just need to shake off the cold winter months of soth movement. I live in the cold Northwest of the USA and we get cold early. this grandma makes snow mountains for the kids to slide down in the winter. We create games to play since it's so cold outside. Our kids can't even have outdoor play at school because of the cold. I am a Nerf gun grandma,lego building grandma.

Semoga kisah beliau ini dapat memberi suntikan semangat & kekuatan baru kepada kita semua. Jangan Takut ALLAH kan ada!

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